Idle Breakout

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Idle Breakout is a mobile brick breaking game combining classic gameplay with RPG upgrade mechanics. The core action plays automatically – smashing through endless procedurally generated walls and brick structures.

How To Play Idle Breakout

Gameplay itself is simple one-touch:

  • Tap the screen to activate paddle rebounds when the ball is stuck.
  • Prestige to cash in earnings for upgrades when bricks are completely cleared.
  • Choose upgrades to enhance future runs – more powerful smashes unlock!

The key is balancing when to prestige instead of pushing further. Time it right to maximize profits.

Game Controls Idle Breakout

  • Tap screen: Reactivate stuck ball
  • Swipe down: Prestige and cash out
  • Tab skills: Purchase upgrades

Tips and Tricks Idle Breakout

  • Activate multi-ball powerup for brick shattering chaos
  • Use earnings to upgrade ball speed and power first
  • Equip charm skills to increase idle earnings
  • Prestige just before tougher boss brick walls

Game Developer

Idle Breakout is developed by Lion Studios, a Singapore-based mobile game studio.

Game Platforms

Idle Breakout is available on iOS and Android devices as a free download, with in-app purchases for currency packs. Unlock the endless brick busting addiction today!


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